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The copy function solves the problem. Another way to solve this problem is using the chmod function after uploading. It took me a while to figure the reason out. If the user try to upload a too bigger file then the upload procedure will fail even if u have established an error message.

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How to avoid this problem? I have looked at a lot of the file upload code listed below and other php documentation and have developed hopefully a robust single file upload routine. I will later update with a multi file upload. I have modestly tested the code. Make sure your system has the appropriate file loading limits.

This caused a lot of headeaches trying to figure out why some files loaded and some did not. In my case I have an.

Yii2 application root directory

You can only move the uploaded file once. You can use copy if you need the file in more than one place. This function can upload many files whitout parameters in the declaration. NAME is an optional parameter! An extension only does not really tell you what type of file it really is. I can easily rename a. A better way is to use the Linux utility "file" to determine the file type. The entire file is loaded into memory before it is saved to disk. The longest file I've succesfully uploaded has a character filename.

So, although you can create a character filename locally the server may not be able to move it. If you are using Apache web server, use. And yes, only tested it on firefox and safari so far Greets from Switzerland. Buongiorno a tutti, sono un felice utilizzatore di codeigniter, ma che sta valutando di passare a yii2 per l'implementazione dei nuovi progetti.

Yii2 application root

In Codeigniter ero abituato ad usare un paio di funzioni utili: gli inserimenti e modifiche batch. Queste due funzioni erano davvero comode quando avevo a che fare con grandi quantità di dati. Ora mi trovo a leggere da un file circa Il problema che mi si pone con yii2 è: il tempo impiegato è davvero lungo ed i MB di ram assegnati al processo PHP purtroppo non bastano per eseguire l'intero comando. Come fate voi in questi casi? A questo punto scatta il problema: come gestisce yii2 il caricamento di librerie esterne come questa quando non passo da composer ed estensioni "precompilate" per yii?

Hello, I would like to add "update" button next to each header in the grid.

Click, this button will show the field to update all the rows. Thank you!

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La clef étrangère doit être constituée des colonnes qui référence les deux tables. The SQL statement executed was: Un idée de piste?

Qu’est-ce que REST?

Bonjour à tous! Une idée de ce qui peut provoquer cela? Ma condition est mal placé? You will be working on maintaining and improving a online CRM technology. Requirements: - PHP 5. We want to work directly with a freelancer we hire.

Yii2 Application Development Solutions - Volume 2 : Changing the Yii Directory Layout - toesiherrebor.cf

Your english and tech levels will be tested during the initial interviews. Thank you for your time. I cannot post links into this post as this is my first post - link is in file attached I am having trouble implementing this. I created a file UserImportForm. The code for the form I placed into importcsv.

When I try to use the importcsv function index. Note : Il existe des mots réservés qui ne doivent pas être utilisés en tant que clés dans les fichiers ini. Cela inclut : null , yes , no , true , false , on et off. Les valeurs null , off , no et false donnent "" chaîne vide. Les caractères? Note : Les entrées sans un signal égal seront ignorées.

Par exemple, MySQL a une option de configuration "no-auto-rehash" dans le fichier my. Edit Report a Bug. Liste de paramètres filename Le nom du fichier de configuration à analyser. Valeurs de retour La configuration est retournée sous la forme d'un tableau associatif en cas de succès, et FALSE si une erreur survient. Historique Version Description 7. Exemples Exemple 1 Contenu du fichier sample.

L'exemple ci-dessus va afficher quelque chose de similaire à :. Notes Note : Cette fonction n'a rien a voir avec le fichier php. I use the following syntax to secure my config.


Easy Form Wizards with Yii Framework

Undocumented feature! URL's retain everything perfectly :- I hope some of you find this useful! Cheers, Kieran. If your configuration file holds any sensitive information such as database login details , remember NOT to place it within your document root folder! A common mistake is to replace config. Remember to place it above! Besides the features mentioned above eg. Somewhere between versions 5. Adding double quotation marks around the value string will solve the problem. And for the extra-paranoid like myself, add a rule into your httpd. To those who were like me looking if this could be used to create an array out of commandline output I offer you the function below I used it to parse mplayer output.

Hope it's of help to someone! Working on a project for a client recently, I needed a way to set a default configuration INI file, but also wanted to allow the client to override the settings through the use of a custom INI file. I wrote my own function to do what I wanted.

It's nothing spectacular, but thought I'd post it here in case it saved someone else some time. Anyway, hope it helps. You may want, in some very special cases, to parse multi-dimensional array with N levels in your ini file. Here's a little function to match this, using dots customizable. Notes on INI files.